Medical Gas

What is the difference between the NITC Certification and the Washington State Endorsement?  

Washington State requires you to be endorsed on any job involving medical gas.  In order to receive the WA State Endorsement, you need to have a valid card with NITC.   Once you have the endorsement, the state is not concerned about the status of your NITC certification so you MAY let the NITC certification lapse and just maintain your state endorsement.  L&I expects you to maintain your braze certification by completing continuities every 6 months.   Every three years, when you renew with the state, you will be required to complete a Medical Gas Installer’s Affidavit of Continuity; you may bring that in to one of our facilities to get it signed and notarized.  If you plan to travel to work in different locals, you may want to keep the NITC certification in the event those locals or jurisdictions require it.

I am trying to get my NITC medical gas certification for the first time. What happens if I fail the installer, or a portion of the braze?

There are 2 portions of the Medical Gas exam, the installer (a proctored, open book exam based on the 2018 code) and the braze. You can pass one portion and fail the other.  There are two parts of the braze that you need to pass; the horizontal and vertical up flow portions.  If you fail one part, you have up to 6 months to retake that portion only. If you go over 6 months, you need to retake BOTH portions of the braze exam.
If you fail the installer, you may retest at the next exam held at our training center, or at a PSI center. The 2018 book is available to purchase from our training offices for $80.00. 

My NITC Braze continuity lapsed, how do I renew it?  

If you have not been brazing med gas every six months, you will need to take the NITC brazing re-certification by performing a vertical up flow ($50 fee).  Since the re-certification process requires a third party representative, they may only be performed during our scheduled weld test events. Contact the training office for test dates.

How do I renew the Installer portion of my license? 

If you need to renew your installer, you must take a 4 hour refresher course as well as a proctored, open book exam based on the 2018 code. You have up to 30 days from your expiration date to take and pass the exam.
If you want to take the exam on your own time, you can set-up a date and time with NITC. You will need to follow the instructions for testing at a PSI center. Books are available to purchase from our training offices.  

You tell me my NITC braze or installer certification is about to expire but my card says I’m not. 

There is a lot of confusion between the NITC and the Washington State Endorsement. You may bring your Medical Gas Installer’s Affidavit of Continuity to the training center for a signature and to be notarized before submitting it to the state with your renewal fee.

When renewing my braze continuity, does my new expiration start 6 months after my expiration date? Or 6 months after my most recent braze (date you enter on your continuity form)? 

Your new expiration date will be 6 months from the date of your most recent braze. This is the date that you enter on your continuity form


Lacey Welding practice is held the second Saturday of every month.

Burlington Weld practice is available at the Burlington facility during business hours M-F 8am-4pm.
Continuities may be completed on the job or during one of our weld test events.
Continuities received more than 6 months past the expiration cannot be processed.

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